Other Options
Ask us about these additional popular options: Ramps, Shelving, Work bench
Does your storage shed need to match your house?  
No problem! Provide us with your 100% acrylic latex paint, and we will put it on.
Our prices include two coats of top quality paint. You can see the difference!
Free local delivery.  For other areas, please call for quote!

Garage Door

Handy access for all your toys, or even a car or truck! Please see the  Portable Garage page for pricing.

Shed Options


Lightweight removable aluminum ramps allow you to easily roll in a lawnmower, wheelbarrow, or four wheeler.


Storage Shelves

Shelves made of CDX plywood help keep your storage area efficient and organized.

16in.                    $8.00 lineal ft.


Add one or more single hung windows for light and extra ventilation. Our white colored, single pane, aluminum windows blend well with any exterior.

2’x3‘                             $150

Other Sizes available


Add charm and style with window shutters.

  $25.00 per window.

Extra Door

Add an additional walk-through door for $125

All doors can be installed on sides, or on the end of your shed.

Wider Doors

72in. double doors, add $50.00

Our standard double doors are 62 in. wide on buildings larger than 8x16, and 52 in. wide on buildings 8x16 and smaller.

Work Bench

Your shed can include a handy workshop! Our sturdy work benches are 24in. deep with a 16 in. shelf underneath

$20.00 lineal ft

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